We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher (3 years) interested in Bayesian inference, nonlinear time-series analysis, and active inference.


2022 Jan 14 A paper published in Communcations Biology link


2021 Sep 30 A paper published in Nature Communcations link

2021 Feb 19 A paper published in Nature Communcations link


2020 Jul 24 A preprint uploaded to arXiv. The principles of adaptation in organisms and machines II: Thermodynamics of the Bayesian brain. (2020) arXiv:2006.13158

2020 Feb 12 Posted an arXiv paper by Aguilera and Moosavi link

A unifying framework for mean field theories of asymmetric kinetic Ising systems. Miguel Aguilera, S. Amin Moosavi, Hideaki Shimazaki arXiv:2002.04309

2020 Feb 27 Poster presentations at Cosyne2020 link

II-23 Inferring network motifs from neural activity using analytic input-output relation of LIF neurons. Safura Rashid Shomali, Majid Nili Ahmadabadi, Seyyed Nader Rasuli, Hideaki Shimazaki

III-80 Effects of structured neural correlations in population coding: beneficial or detrimental?. Seyedamin Moosavi, Magalie Tatischeff, Bingyue Zhu, Hideaki Shimazaki

2020年 Feb 14 Talk at Computational Principles in Active Perception and Reinforcement Learning in the Brain link

2020 Jan 28 Talk at Combining Information theoretic Perspectives on Agency link


2019 Dec 11 Updated a preprint on the complex ICA by MaBouDi, Krishna et al. link

2019 Dec 7 Talk at Singurarity Salon at Tokyo (in Japanese) link

2019 Nov 16 Talk at Singuraity Salon at Osaka (in Japanese) link

2019 Nov 14 Uploaded a preprint on structured variational inference by spiking net by Shukla et al. link

2019 Sep 5 Edited Japanese Neural Network Society Journal

2019 Jul 18 Jimmy Gaudreault received Best Student Award at IJCNN2019!  (2 students awards in 803 papers from 1532 submissions)


2019 Sep 29 Invited Talk Shimazaki The 7th International Congress on Cognitive Neurodynamics, Italy

2019 Sep 17 Talk by Miguel Aguilera et al., 15th Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics. link

2019. Sep 18 Poster by Safura Rashid Shomali et al., Bernstein Conference. Berlin, Germany link


2019 Aug-Sep We organized two events on Free energy principle at National Institute for Physiological Sciences. We invite Dr. Christopher Buckley at Sussex University as a lecturer.

Aug 31-Sep 1 Tutorial workshop of the free energy principle of the brain

Sep 2 Workshop 認知神経科学の先端 脳の理論から身体・世界へ

2019 Aug 13 Invited Lecture Data science, Statistics & Visualization (DSSV2019), Kyoto

2019 Jun 7 Talk at Salon du Brain

Statistical nalysis of neural population activity: Toward thermodynamics of the brain link

2019 Mar Lecture and seminar at OIST (Kenji Doya Lab) link Lecture note

2019 Mar We organized Systems Neuroscience Spring School: Statics and Dynamics of Neural Systems at Kyoto. link

2018 Nov Posted Dr. Shomali's paper on bioRxiv. link

2018 Jul I edited the special issue of Japanese Neural Network Society on the Free Energy Principle (in Japanese) link

2018 Jan Neural Engine Hypothesis was published as a chapter of Springer book. link


2017 Oct 5 An analysis paper on a LIF model by Safura Shomali et al. was accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Neuroscience.

2017 Sep 28 Special talk at Tamagawa University Brain Science Workshop: "Statistics of neural population activity".

2017 Jul 22 A co-authored paper published MaBouDi H, Shimazaki H, Giurfa M, Chittka L. Olfactory learning without the mushroom bodies: Spiking neural network models of the honeybee lateral antennal lobe tract reveal its capacities in odour memory tasks of varied complexities. PLoS Computational Biology (2017) 13(6): e1005551. [link]

2017 Mar 3,4 Intesive lecture courses on the point process theory for "Society for Young Researchers in Neuroscience".

2017 Jan 13 A paper published. Donner, Obermeyer, Shimazaki, Approximate Inference for Time-varying Interactions and Macroscopic Dynamics of Neural Populations. PLoS Computational Biology (2017) 13(1): e1005309 [link]

2016 May 26 A co-authored paper was published. Mochizuki et al. Similarity in Neuronal Firing Regimes across Mammalian Species. Journal of Neuroscience (2016) 36:5736-5747. [link]

2016 Apr 1 A co-authored paper was published. Chou et al. Social conflict resolution regulated by two dorsal habenular subregions in zebrafish. Science, Vol. 352, Issue 6281, pp. 87-90 [link]

2015 Dec 24 I uploaded my recent thought on neural dynamcis. Shimazaki H, Neurons as an Information-theoretic Engine. arXiv:1512.07855 [pdf, link]

2015 May 15 A paper by HaDi MaBouDi was accepted for publication in Vision Research. MaBouDi H, Shimazaki H, Amari S, Soltanian-Zadeh H, "Representation of Higher-order Statistical Structures in Natural Scenes via Spatial Phase Distributions." pdf

2015 May Our optimization mehtod for kernel density estimation is being used in labs of leading neuroscientists. Hill, Fried & Koch J Neurophysiol2015. Ito, Zhang, Witter, Moser & Moser Nature 2015. Manita, Suzuki, ..., Larkum & Murayama Neuron 2015.

2015 Mar 19 Our paper uncovering the role of silence in characterizing neural population activity has been accepted. Shimazaki, H., Sadeghi, K., Ishikawa, T., Ikegaya, Y. & Toyoizumi, T. Simultaneous silence organizes structured higher-order interactions in neural populations. Scientific Reports 5, 9821 (2015) [link, preprint]

2014 April Japanese edtition of Principle of Neural Science was published.
kandelI translated the section, "Appendix F, Theoretical Approaches to Neuroscience: Examples from SingleNeurons to Networks" by Abbott, Fusi, and Miller. [link]